Words bring us together Connect in other languages Our thoughts are unleashed
through language


Fortunately, we’re human. Words are what we do and what we’ve created to be able to understand each other. They’re our legacy, our mainstay. Our condition.

There’s no magic or technology that can use language like humans. We simply do what we were born to do. And no single language can stop us.

At Tradhoc we’re going to show you everything we can accomplish together. So now there’s no excuse not to achieve all your goals. Because, at last, your voice will be heard, loud and clear, in every corner of the world.


Find out all the different ways we can help you with language.

Written translations

We translate texts in English, German, Spanish, Catalan and French, ranging from literary compositions to technical documents, always ensuring the final text is perfect while still respecting the original. So you can get an idea of what we can do, here’s a list of areas we’ve become specialists in:


Contracts, powers of attorney, deeds, laws, appeals, insurance policies, etc.


Species conservation projects.


Tasting notes, winery descriptions, etc.


Descriptions of financial products and bank customer transactions.


Catalogues, etc.


Fishing equipment and activities, tuna biology.

High-speed railway

European Rail Traffic Management System.

Civil engineering

Infrastructure projects and international tenders.


Description of crop protection products.


Viability studies for industrial projects.


Acoustics, renewable energy sources, automotive and transport.


We interpret between Spanish and German, English, French and Catalan. When you need an expert interpreter for business meetings, you can count on us. We also provide the perfect support for visits with a foreign client or supplier and even for taking part in international trade fairs or other events.


We provide the voiceover for your videos in English, German, Spanish, Catalan and French. From adverts to presentations, we work with your multimedia content at professional recording studios. We’re your voice to the world!

Multilingual sales management

With our help, the French market is ready and waiting for you. We’re experts in carrying out market studies in France so you can really get to know your rivals and targets, as well as finding the best suppliers. We can also help you ensure French red tape doesn’t get in the way of your business.

French courses

We’re experts in French courses for companies and SMEs, specialising particularly in business and sales. And as we realise effective time management is the key to success for any firm, we adjust to your goals and needs to ensure learning is efficient and truly useful.


Our team is our best calling card. Apart from their professional quality and extensive experience in languages and communication, their human values make Tradhoc an outstanding company, unique and reliable. You won’t find anyone here who gets upset when the going gets tough and deadlines loom. You won’t find anyone who isn’t completely dedicated to their work.

Because their passion for accurate and effective language assures their commitment.

What’s more, one of Tradhoc‘s prime assets is the ability to take on technical translations. Thanks to our network of expert consultants in different disciplines, we can guarantee the end result is perfect.

Etienne Cartuyvels

Founder of Tradhoc

Translator and interpreter with over 25 years’ experience in translating Spanish, English, German, Catalan and French. He’s also a member of the following institutions:

  • Spanish Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters (Asetrad)
  • French-Spanish chamber of commerce La Chambre
  • Asociación de Profesionales de Castilla y León (Actio)
  • Asociación de Responsabilidad Social (Visión Responsable)

External experts supporting Tradhoc

Luis Pérez Salamanca

Ayre Arquitectos

Javier Mata

Graphic Art
Agendas Javier Mata

Pascual López Oliva

Automotive industry
Renault España

Elena Hidalgo

Universidad de Valladolid

Pablo Die

Die Construcción

Carlos Borondo

Universidad de Valladolid

Josefina Vila

Universidad de Valladolid

César Arranz

Bodega 3Ases

Grant Bracey

Civil Engineering
Empresarios Agrupados

Lucas Iturrioz

Civil Engineering
Acciona Ingeniería  

Carlos Colinas

Forest Engineering
Universitat de Lleida

Christine Fischer

Forest Engineering, mycology
Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya

Carmen Ochoa


Christine Peyre


Concha Hidalgo


José Muñoz


Víctor del Prado

Technical translator

Tracy Byrne


Juan Alonso

Food Safety


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