When we think of Tradhoc, we think of people. People who share their ideas no matter where they were born, the colour of their skin or the language they speak. There’s only one language for us: the world.

These ideals would mean little without actions to back them up. That’s why we’ve decided to collaborate with the Spanish NGO Alianza por la Solidaridad. We believe their vision of global citizenship and mobility is a coherent way to further the social concerns of Tradhoc, to move from principles to action.


Specifically, we work with Alianza por la Solidaridad on the educational development of a region in Senegal. Promoting education in a country with such a wide range of languages and ethnic cultures is a huge challenge but it’s even more complicated to ensure children actually go to school. That’s why we’ve decided to donate 4% of our turnover to help run school canteens and support local food suppliers.