we’re human

Fortunately, we’re human. Words are what we do and what we’ve created to be able to understand each other. They’re our legacy, our mainstay. Our condition.

There’s no magic or technology that can use language like humans. We simply do what we were born to do. And no single language can stop us.

At Tradhoc we’re going to show you everything we can accomplish together. So now there’s no excuse not to achieve all your goals. Because, at last, your voice will be heard, loud and clear, in every corner of the world.

How do you do it?

Our approach is unique. Translation is the art of understanding, of ensuring the ideas expressed in one language are not only understood but also expressed properly in another language.

To accomplish this, your texts are translated into the target language by translators who are native speakers and who are passionate about words. It’s as simple as that. And it works.

We have the best team possible.

But my text is very technical…

Some texts require specific terminology, especially technical documents. We realise this is the most difficult type of translation but that’s why we’re here. And we’re ready for it.

We have an extensive network of professionals working in a wide variety of disciplines who can tackle any kind of technical text. So that’s one thing less to worry about.

Okay, but I’m not Shakespeare

Neither are we – let’s get that straight. But nevertheless we’re language experts. We can spot any errors in the original and contact you to agree on the best possible way to express your ideas. Working with languages and texts for more than twenty years means we’ve become perfectionists. It’s inevitable!